Student Testimonials

Thank you, Jane, for providing me a new mind and spirit calming activity — one that lets me use colors and shapes and design to unwind and entertain. What a gift you have for sharing your enthusiasm for Zentangle!   Becky S.

Your class was especially enjoyable to me. You have a great personality and are very knowledgeable. Also, I felt very comfortable in asking you questions. And, the whole experience was just plain FUN!   Joanna H.

I loved your class and you teach it well!  You know that feeling you get when you’ve been able to kind of meditate?  Your mind feels relaxed, your body feels relaxed, almost like your mind has had an hour long massage and is kind of humming.  That’s how I felt after your class and I loved it!  I Zentangle at home, but I don’t think I ever do it long enough to really reproduce that feeling like I had after class – but I’m trying!  Laurie P.

I thought the class was very understandable and I learned that I could draw – maybe not a traditional masterpiece but definitely a work of art that allowed me to express my point of view.  Rae R.

In my retirement I am trying new things. Since I had met Jane through my daughter and had been impressed by Jane’s show at the Hannah Community Center, I felt comfortable in signing up for an art class that indicated no drawing skills required. Jane made us all feel welcome, answered our questions about Zentangle’s origins, and guided us through several patterns. My attempts were praised and encouragement flowed from our instructor. I’ll be looking for other opportunities to try Zentangle with color.   Janet B.

Jane is a delightful and encouraging teacher. I always thought I could not draw, but Jane’s workshops have given me new skills and confidence in exploring the world of art. Plus, they are tremendous fun!
Ruelaine S.

Jane is a most excellent teacher. Her passion for Zentangle shines through her instruction. Her direction is easy to follow. She provides background and origins of Zentangle as well as sharing her training and experience in the Zentangle art form. In class she demonstrated a few different tangle patterns that we were able to try as well as guiding her students through some of the techniques and tools. As a student of her Introduction to Zentangle class, it was informative, entertaining and an overall a great class. She is attentive to her students and provides a genuine most pleasurable class experience. I look forward to participating in her other class offerings.

Her teaching is engaging, her creative spirit energetic and her enthusiasm irresistible. With Jane fun is always plentiful! Robin S.

Jane is a wonderful teacher. I took my Zentangle kit on our European river cruise and had fun tangling is spare moments. It is the ultimate portable art! Helen H.

When I first started to learn the art of Zentangle from Jane I wanted to use an eraser or white-out because I thought my work was full of lines going the wrong way. Being the positive & supportive teacher/coach that Jane is, she assured me that part of the beauty of Zentangle is that it can be anything you want it to be and that “there are no mistakes”. Barb S.

The Zentangle class I attended was a wonderful creativity booster at a time when I really needed it. I think some poor neglected neurons got dusted off and fired up in the recesses of my work-jaded brain! I really liked the way the design motifs built up one at a time. It’s easy and peaceful to focus on just one motif at a time and enjoy making and repeating without worrying about composition or what’s next. The teaching method takes care of “driving the bus.” I also like how the design progresses organically and spontaneously. There is no stress, worry, need to be good or great; worry about things not working – just being absorbed with doing. The technique allows creativity without allowing time for the internal critic to chime in and say what you’re doing is right or wrong. When we were finished, the end result was a pleasant surprise! Jane is a great tour guide through the creative process. We laughed and played and celebrated our amazing outcomes together! I highly recommend this class – no art training required – just come ready to play! Marian R.

What fun classes! Thank you for creating such a great environment for learning and relaxing. What you may not realize is that your encouragement has given me the impetus to learn to draw beyond Zentangle…something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Judi M.

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