But is it Art? A HUGE Success!

We had so much fun on April 1st! What a stupendous way to celebrate April Fool’s Day—surrounded by bad art and delightful artists! Many thanks to our esteemed judge and juror, Ms. Wendy Shaft–she faced a most difficult job in picking the worst of the worst! Lots of folks enjoyed making their own bad art too–now proudly displayed in their homes for all to see and appreciate.

The organizers wish to thank all the talented (?!?!?!) artists who participated by showing their work in the BAD ART exhibition;
Amy Cogswell
Mark Dehetre
Marc Leigh
Anita Saviko
Matt Mulford
Tony Steele
Zahrah Resh
Jeanne Van Wieren
Ron Cook
Theron Lee
Jane Reiter
Carol Lacca


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