Weekly Challenge #261: March 29, 2016

I am so appreciative that Laura, the power behind “I Am the Diva,” let me participate in her weekly challenge–what an honor and a delight!! I contributed the  Stacked Bijou Challenge and it is as follows:

I began with a Bijou tile as a centerpiece to stacked tiles—my tangling inspiration comes from Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s online book, Tangles of Santa Fe (Inspiration Sketchbook #2).  I use mat board scraps frequently for tangling—collected from a friend’s framing business. At least in Michigan, mat board cannot be recycled so there are always lots of scrap pieces available for art making.

[ Laura here: If you don’t have access to a bijou tile, they are 2×2″ square 🙂 ]
To begin, I cut five squares of mat board, in successive sizes to correspond to my Bijou tile:  3”, 4” 5”, 6”, and 7” squares.  You can easily substitute card stock, recycled cardboard, watercolor paper, colored paper or Bristol board in place of the mat board.  I drew my designs with a black Micron 03 0.35mm pen.  This challenge is perfect for border tangles, such as “ESS”, “Arrow”, “Angled”, “Sun Parts”, and “Diamond.”  I used the “Cross Glyph” for my Bijou tile centerpiece. 
 After tangling, glue the stacked tiles together with a glue stick (not the disappearing purple type) or paper glue such as Scotch Scrapbooker Glue.  
I also include images of two other stacked Bijou examples; the turtle stack includes gold and I used a Sakura gold metallic jelly roll pen.  The turtle stack uses the patterns “Bead”, “Crescent”, “Arches Boarder”, and “Sun Parts.”

The nicho stack includes white and I used an Elmer’s white painters pen with an ultra-fine size tip.  This stack uses my tangleations along with “Squiggle” and “Little One.”


In 2007 I began focusing on mandalas and radial designs in collages.  Researching mandalas online one day led me to “Zendalas” created from “Zentangle®.” I was seriously intrigued and began looking around at Zendalas and tangled patterns.  Zentangle is a meditative and soothing approach to drawing patterns on a variety of surfaces, starting simply with pen and paper.  I quickly realized that I wanted to combine my extensive teaching experience of arts and crafts with Zentangle.
In 2012 I was awarded the Chris Clark Fellowship from the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. I traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, to train with the founders of Zentangle, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  They opened my eyes to a fresh way of utilizing drawing and art skills along with inner growth and spiritual practice.  This was a life changing seminar for me!  Zentangle has greatly impacted my creative life providing me with inspiration in my artwork where I use much more drawing to express ideas.  The emphasis on patterns truly feeds off of my previous textile design experience. Consequently, I work to include drawn and painted patterns within collage pieces.   I continue to teach art to all ages on a part-time basis in the Lansing area.

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