How to Make Great Art

Insights from Lilla Rogers…

  1. Put your art first. Not all the time, but a lot of the time.
  1. Stay physically fit, eat well, and get exercise. You need a lot of energy for your brilliant career.
  1. Always evolve your talent, either by taking classes or attending art retreats or conferences.
  1. There is no substitute for the hard work of sitting down and making art.
  1. Stay open. It is an opportunity to learn from others in the universe.
  1. Manage your emotions either through journaling, friends, therapy or meditation. Good mental health is top priority.  You need stability for the ups and downs of a creative career.
  1. Figure out how to stay inspired. How do you maintain excitement about your artwork?
  1. Make lots of art. And do it when you have your best energy, now when you are fatigued.  Figure out when you are the most rested and energized.
  1. Create your own pleasant ritual for getting started in your studio work space. Make a cup of tea, turn on your favorite music, go for a walk first, etc.
  1. Find a way to get emotional support, either by joining a group or starting on of your own—maybe with a friend who loved to do creative things with you.


  1. Visualize your success. Us positive affirmations for what you want to achieve and realize.  Create a one or two sentence mission statement.  Create your own motto if you wish.
  1. Learn to listen to your instincts. Do not dumb down your style and taste.  Do not create for who you perceive will buy your work.  Create what you yourself would buy/love.


SOURCE:  I Just Like to Make Things:  learn the secrets of making money while staying passionate about your art and craft by Lilla Rogers, ©2013, Quarry Books


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