Interesting Post from Jerry’s Artarama

“Popular science recently found out that your brain might be wired to enjoy art. However, we on the inside of the artist community know that there are so many more rewards to art and being an artist. We know the true values and benefits of creating something we love and being able to express ourselves visually.”

Here are 25 reasons why being an artist is the best:

  1. You are always able to express your creativity
  2. Doing work that you actually believe in
  3. Being your own boss and not have to answer to anyone else in what you create
  4. Being able to put pencil or brush on paper anytime you want
  5. Feeding your creativity
  6. Seeing that what you have done has made someone happy
  7. Giving other people a new perspective
  8. Living the life that you want to live
  9. Creating art for yourself and no one else
  10. Deciding that it is time for something beautiful and surprising is about to come to life
  11. You get to see how you progress as an artist
  12. Living in a world where everything is an idea or possibility for new art
  13. Endlessly being able to learn and grow
  14. You have the potential to be famous for something you make
  15. Getting to play around all day in your studio
  16. Having people tell you how much they like your work
  17. Experiencing the flow of creativity
  18. The chance to expand your imagination
  19. Being able to move people intellectually or emotionally through something you’ve made
  20. Making money from something you have made
  21. The pride and sense of accomplishment after you’ve finished a great painting, sketch, sculpture or installation 
  22. You get to share your art with the world
  23. Working with beauty anytime you want
  24. Seeing your art touch someone’s soul
  25. Being surrounded by a community of other artists who get to share in the experience of all the great things listed above          Accessed June 29, 2014

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