Life Changing Creativity Retreat on top of a Mountain

Kathy!I was incredibly lucky to participate in a creative business retreat, led by Kathy Cano-Murillo, August 8-10, in Big Bear Lake, California. It was novel to be 7,000 feet up on a mountain–Lansing, Michigan is about 5′ elevation, I think.  It was so beneficial and wonderful to glean Kathy’s extensive professional knowledge–she is a treasure!!!!! Kathy poured out her business savvy to a group of eleven students–I was HAPPY to be one of this special class. We also greatly benefited from business and social media presentations by Jennifer Priest and Denise Cortes.
Her gracious daughter, Maya, and delightful friend, Jeshua, were our cheerful (and cute!) studio assistants. We worked on three fun art projects too; an empowerment angel sculpture, a decorated silk scarf, and a stamped metal pendant with a power word (or words). On top of all this stupendous information and creativity, we were housed at a spectacular facility, Inspirations at Big Bear Lake, operated by the hostess with the mostest, Lorraine! She is a great cook….yum yum yum……
My brain is buzzing with new ideas, creative stimulation, and personal motivation–WOW! Kathy’s vital input and feedback has give me a renewed sense of clarity and direction in my artistic life–THANK YOU Kathy, The Crafty Chica!!!!!!AGoodSign1 BoulderBay BigBearLake BoulderBayPark2 CuteJeshua CuteMaya Enter MotleyCrew SilkScarfAlicia2 SilkScarfAnna SilkScarfDenise SteppingStones4 SteppingStones5 InspirationsDeck2 InspirationsDeckViewStreetView1StreetView2StreetView3StreetView4StreetView5

2 thoughts on “Life Changing Creativity Retreat on top of a Mountain

  1. Many years ago, I attended a short evening presentation my Cathy on business and art and it was an excellent presentation; informative and entertaining. It was at ArtUnraveled in Phoenix.


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