Zentangle One & Two in April!

Join me on Saturday, April 27, 2013, for two sessions in Zentangle (beginning and more advanced).  9:30AM-12:30PM for Zentangle 1 for an introduction to this meditative, enjoyable drawing process.  Class fee is $35.00 + $8.00 for supplies.

1-4:00PM will be Zentangle 2, where we will explore using white pens on black tiles and play with more patterns.  You must have completed an introductory session with a CZT to take Zentangle 2. Class fee is $35.00.

Take Both Sessions for $60.00!

Come to SmittenDust Studio, 527 Bridge Street in downtown Dimondale, Michigan!

See smittendust.blogspot.com to register (or contact me)Image

3 thoughts on “Zentangle One & Two in April!

  1. Jane,
    I would like to register for your Zentangle One and Two classes but could not find them on Smittendustblogspot. Could you please let me know how to register?. Thank you very much.


    1. Hello Joy–Please let me register you for the two classes–payment is due on class day. Contact me anytime with questions or concerns. I am looking forward to meeting you!! Many thanks, Jane


      1. Jane,
        Thank you very much for your response. I am looking forward to meeting you and to attending your class..See you in April.


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