Weekly Challenge #261: March 29, 2016

I am so appreciative that Laura, the power behind “I Am the Diva,” let me participate in her weekly challenge–what an honor and a delight!! I contributed the  Stacked Bijou Challenge and it is as follows:

I began with a Bijou tile as a centerpiece to stacked tiles—my tangling inspiration comes from Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s online book, Tangles of Santa Fe (Inspiration Sketchbook #2).  I use mat board scraps frequently for tangling—collected from a friend’s framing business. At least in Michigan, mat board cannot be recycled so there are always lots of scrap pieces available for art making.

[ Laura here: If you don’t have access to a bijou tile, they are 2×2″ square :) ]
To begin, I cut five squares of mat board, in successive sizes to correspond to my Bijou tile:  3”, 4” 5”, 6”, and 7” squares.  You can easily substitute card stock, recycled cardboard, watercolor paper, colored paper or Bristol board in place of the mat board.  I drew my designs with a black Micron 03 0.35mm pen.  This challenge is perfect for border tangles, such as “ESS”, “Arrow”, “Angled”, “Sun Parts”, and “Diamond.”  I used the “Cross Glyph” for my Bijou tile centerpiece. 
 After tangling, glue the stacked tiles together with a glue stick (not the disappearing purple type) or paper glue such as Scotch Scrapbooker Glue.  
I also include images of two other stacked Bijou examples; the turtle stack includes gold and I used a Sakura gold metallic jelly roll pen.  The turtle stack uses the patterns “Bead”, “Crescent”, “Arches Boarder”, and “Sun Parts.”

The nicho stack includes white and I used an Elmer’s white painters pen with an ultra-fine size tip.  This stack uses my tangleations along with “Squiggle” and “Little One.”


In 2007 I began focusing on mandalas and radial designs in collages.  Researching mandalas online one day led me to “Zendalas” created from “Zentangle®.” I was seriously intrigued and began looking around at Zendalas and tangled patterns.  Zentangle is a meditative and soothing approach to drawing patterns on a variety of surfaces, starting simply with pen and paper.  I quickly realized that I wanted to combine my extensive teaching experience of arts and crafts with Zentangle.
In 2012 I was awarded the Chris Clark Fellowship from the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. I traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, to train with the founders of Zentangle, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  They opened my eyes to a fresh way of utilizing drawing and art skills along with inner growth and spiritual practice.  This was a life changing seminar for me!  Zentangle has greatly impacted my creative life providing me with inspiration in my artwork where I use much more drawing to express ideas.  The emphasis on patterns truly feeds off of my previous textile design experience. Consequently, I work to include drawn and painted patterns within collage pieces.   I continue to teach art to all ages on a part-time basis in the Lansing area.

Mt. Clemens Art Association

I had a grand time last night being hosted by the Mount Clemens Art Association! I introduced the members to Zentangle and they did a fantastic job–there was a creative, yet peaceful, hum in the air! What an interesting group with varied talents and pursuits. Many thanks to our other gracious host, the Mount Clemens Public Library. Tangle On! (and have fun…)MtClemens2016MtClemensDetail2016MtClemensGroup2016

Williamston Pop Up Art & Craft Show

Join me on Saturday, April 9th, 11AM-6PM! I will be demonstrating the Zentangle drawing method at the Williamston Pop Up Art and Craft Show! I can answer your questions and offer some hands-on fun. There will also be a group of interesting and varied artists selling their unique, handmade wares. Stop by and visit! I will be on the second floor of Keller’s Plaza in Williamston (107 South Putnam Street).

Melanie Rothschild on Creative Thinking

Of all places, art is a spot where mistakes should be considered honored guests.

11th Commandment:   Thou shalt not make anyone ever feel excluded from the exuberant gift of art because it belongs to each and every one of us—it is one of the best perks of being a human being.

It takes ongoing practice to maintain creative thinking.

SOURCE:  The Art of Mistakes,  North Light Books, 2014.FramedTangleation11

BOUNDLESS is Coming Soon!

BOUNDLESS:  A one-day book arts show & sale at the Turner Dodge House & Heritage Center, 100 East North Street, Lansing, Michigan, 48906

 Sunday, June 12, 2016, Noon-5:00PM

The show highlights altered and handmade books in

all media; paper, fiber, clay, mixed media, wood, metal

Judge will present awards 4:00PM on June 12th

Make it fun, Make it funky, Make it you!

25% commission on all sales goes to support the Friends of Turner Dodge House & Heritage Center

Request information and/or entry form from exhibition organizersBoundlessInfoForm

Zahrah Resh, zahrahr@mac.com 517.351.8189

Jane Reiter, janereiter@sbcglobal.net 517.327.0938AlphabetChallenge